Effective Remedies For Hand and Shoulder Pain


While pain is not viewed as a disease by most people, about 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, as stipulated by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies. This number doesn’t even include the rest of the world, parts of which have much less access to treatment. Some people will experience back pain, headaches and others shoulder pain among other forms of pain. The pain in your hand and shoulder could be as a result of the nature of your job. If you play a certain sport, the shoulder will be doing a lot of work as it moves in all directions. The pain could also be as a result of an accident you got involved in or as a result of rotator cuff disorders.


Chiropractic Treatment and Therapy

If you experience a general weakness in your hand and shoulder, burning pain that lasts for days or shoulder pain and numbness, it could be as a result of a failure of the brachial plexus nerves. While there are other remedies that you can get such as medication and some exercise, Chiropractic treatment is very effective. The specialist will establish the cause of your pain and start treatment. Therapy is also part of the package. Therapy helps you get back your shoulder and arm mobility and relieves the pain gradually.


Shoulder Surgeries

If the primary cause of your shoulder and hand pain is an accident, chances are that surgery will be the most efficient form of treatment especially if the accident affected the area significantly. Although doctors and surgeons will not recommend surgery as the first option, a shoulder replacement surgery is carried out when you experience recurrent shoulder dislocation and when you have completely torn rotator cuffs. Some of the surgeries performed on your shoulder include the Arthroscopic labral repair and the Tendon transfer surgeries. If the accident affected the nerves, an RSD treatment is used.


Doing Some Stretching Exercises at Home

This works best when the pain is as a result of strain in the tendons and soft tissues that make up the shoulder joint. With finger walk and pendulum stretch exercises, you will effectively relax your shoulder and hand muscles and regain the lost mobility. The stretching exercises are known to be very effective in treating a frozen shoulder. A cross body stretch exerts gentle pressure on your entire arm making healing a painless exercise.


Using Prescribed Injections of Corticosteroids

Steroids have been used widely by medical doctors to treat inflammation and joint pains for patients suffering from asthma, arthritis and frozen shoulder pains. The drugs can be given in the form of inhalers, tablets or injections. The injections are the preferred mode for people experiencing joint pains. The drugs will help manage the pain by reducing inflammation at your hand and shoulder joints.


Use of Physiotherapy

Your doctor may send you to an orthopedist who will, in turn, carry out a series of tests to establish the best treatment option for your shoulder and hand pain. An MRI scan and X-ray scans are common when you go to a hospital with a hand and shoulder pain. Physiotherapy is recommended by a specialist when the pain is as a result of a mild frozen shoulder, arthritis, and a rotator cuff tear. Initially, you will start your therapy sessions with your doctor, and as you improve, you will go ahead and continue from home.


Hot and Cold Treatment of Your Hands

According to experts from Harvard Medical School, heat is useful in treating hand stiffness which can result in inflammation. Simply use a hot towel and massage your hands with it or just take a hot shower and the muscles will relax. As for cold, you can use a bag of peas from your freezer if you are experiencing pain in your hands after a long day playing cricket or golf.


Hand and shoulder pain can be managed effectively with regular exercise especially if they result due to occupational stress. It is only in extreme cases such as accidents that you will need a surgeon.

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