Here are five players in prime NFL 18 Coins

Here are five players in prime positions to win the ROY next year: Trey  NFL 18 Coins Burke, Utah Jazz (scouting report, pick coverage)If you look at the last few rookies of the year, there’s a definite trend towards point guards. The last two winners, three of the last five, and four if you remember that Tyreke Evans had a much higher role in handling the ball his first season in the league, have been


PGs. It says a lot about a player when a team opts to turn the reins of their offense over to them in their first year in the league, and even more when they succeed.Burke is in that position. He’ll have the ball in his hands, and his draft stock wasn’t based on his upside


but rather on his ability to run things right now, after winning virtually every college player of the year award and leading his team to the national title game. He has electric speed, dynamic handles and passing skills that are only surpassed by his scoring ability. Burke might have been the No. 9 pick, but I see him as the early favorite to win the Rookie of the Year award.Also, check out the


SB Nation longform of how Burke went from a middle-tier recruit to the best player in the NCAA. Victor Oladipo, Orlando Magic (scouting report, pick coverage)Though Oladipo might not be the player in the draft with the highest ceiling, the word on him is that he’s the least likely player in the draft to end up being a flop. He’s polished across the board, both on offense and defense. Considering the Magic are rebuilding, the Indiana star will enter Orlando as either the Magic’s feature player or close to it. If he’s as


NBA-ready as scouts seem to think, his relatively large role in Orlando will have him near the top of the ROY running.Like Burke, Oladipo also improved dramatically from the time he came to college to the time he left it. Otto Porter Jr., Washington Wizards (scouting report, pick coverage)Porter might be the only pick in the draft without a single detractor, as Cheap Madden NFL 18 Coins he fits a team need, the

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