Trail Running in Gauteng

We once again move into the winter trail season here in Gauteng, the first event of the Winter Trail Series is on Sunday morning at Groenkloof. I am always excited when Trail Series starts, it marks the beginning of winter trail running as a whole in Gauteng which has come a long way in the last few years. I am proud to say that here in Gauteng we have some of the most extraordinary trails and only 20 minutes to Half hour from home (depending on where you live ;-) And as we get more involved in trail running we discover more and more trails widening our horizons. I try my best at least once a week to get to a trail and just submerge myself in the nature and beauty and get back to basics. Just the last week a buddy and I hit Kingskloof in the Krugersdorp mountains and wacked out a 16km trail. At the end of this blog I will list a few places, that you might want to get out to and run/walk or even mountain bike. I have got myself to a place since a started trail last year at the winter trail series 2010 where I am a lot more fit and able to enjoy and handle the trail more effeciently, that is me of course, I race and love tracking down a technical trail watching for obstacles so I don’t trip (which i have done on a few occasions), that is the excitement for me and I love the challenge but for others, you may just want to enjoy the scenery of the trail and the pure beauty of nature, whatever your preference there is something for you on the trail. If you want to be somewhere different and want a change from the road come join us on Sunday at Groenkloof Nature reserve for the first event in the Winter Trail Series, for more info on these events go to

Here are some other places you might want to try:

Teak Place:


Segwati Ranch

van Gaalen Cheese Farm

Klipreviersberg in Mondeor

Suikerbosrand Nature reserve

Groenkloof Nature Reserve

Voortrekker Monument nature reserve

You can also browse to Most Mountain Biking routes are also trail running routes and you can run on these too.

There are more and a lot to list but go to the following sites and you will be able to see what your fellow trails runners are up to:

Also join me on facebook if you like –

I Will share my trails as we go.

Have a great winter running season!! Hope to see you on the trail.


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2 Responses to Trail Running in Gauteng

  1. Carol Willis 5 June 2011 at 6:43 pm #

    The trail run at Groenkloof today was awesome! My first experience and I absolutely love it…I’m hooked!

  2. Avatar of Clinton
    Clinton 6 June 2011 at 8:01 am #

    Just as I thought ;-) My first trail run go me hooked as well….. Hope you will be at Hennops on Sunday.

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