Valve Re-releases Dust II As An Open-Beta Map For CS: GO

In the early months of 2017, Device adjusted the map balance to their popular and competitive first person shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In this balance, Valve replaced the classic Counter-Strike map, Dust II, with Inferno in their CS: PROCEED active duty playlist (a set of maps used specifically for e-sports). While still available for online competitive play, the iconic map, having been a competitive fan favorite since 2001, was not available for tournament play. After eight months of the chart being shelved, Control device released a small updated and announced beta testing for the newly revamped Dust 2 for Counter-Strike: Worldwide Offensive. In the announcement, Valve hopes that the open-beta testing will help “improve player readability throughout the map, ” “refine movement around the world including cover, ” and “upgrade the visuals to be in line with modern roadmaps. ”


The most noticeable update to Dirt II is the graphical improvement over the previous CS: GO iteration.Buy Cheap CSGO Skins。 With the aesthetic changes also comes much needed balances to the guide. Design layout modifications have now eliminated dark spots on the road that once concealed hiding enemies. Now, natural light flows into these areas and prevents easy concealment. In addition , minor obstructions have been removed to improve corner peeks, or using a corner to quickly analyze the actual battlefield, shoot, or even throw a projectile. It will now be much less of a hassle to utilize this technique during play on this place.


Cover has also been adjusted, with popular cover spots being shifted or removed to promote increased player flow while traveling around the map. These changes are also to help competitive players read and predict player movement and help new players have a better chance against veterans. Along with this, certain physics based objects have been replaced with new static-interacting objects to avoid wonky physics with the game’s engine.


With all of the map updates, Sphincter muscle has also decided to treat fans by overhauling the villains of Dust II, the particular Leet Krew. Through redesigning the team as well as giving them new high-resolution textures, Valve hopes to make the Leet Krew fit into the new design of the map while also remaining easily identifiable.


Dust II is available for testing for all CS: MOVE owners,csgoskins,and users can opt in for the beta through their Steam library.

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