Awesome trail weekend!!

What a great weekend for trails, starting on Saturday decided to park at the Joburg Botanical Gardens again, this time not to go up to Westcliff but to navigate myself through the green belt, I ran along the green belt from the botanical gardens all the way through to the Delta Park, I did a loop around Delta park and did my return back again, I was set to do around 12.7Km but took a wrong turn increasing my distance to 13.7, all in all it was a great trail and HOT but I fully enjoyed it. On Sunday took the family to Teak Place, while the kiddies had fun I did my normal 10.6km trail, the trail was even more wet and muddy than last weekend and provided a lot of slipping and sliding, thanks to great gripping trail shoes I managed to remain up right even on the slippery mud ;-) this is what trail running is all about, I love this stuff. Anyways had an awesome trail weekend but still a lot of training to be done, still a bit weak on the ups but working of it, will probably be at the stairs on Saturday again ;-) for this week though my first night trail of the year and I can’t wait. For more info on the Night Trails go here -


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